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Concussion Testing

Safety First!

Dear Families,

As many of you know we have implemented several steps to keep our children safe and meet/exceed the requirements of the Illinois State Law regarding concussions. At MHR we have established a written protocol outlining the handling of a potential concussion including removal from play and return to learn components.

All coach’s/ volunteers are required to take and pass a State approved training video regarding concussion awareness. We have established a Concussion Oversight Team (COT) to make sure these best practices are being followed. We have hosted concussion education meetings with parents to discuss our protocol and additional steps we are taking at MHR to keep our children safe.

We have also asked our coach to help educate our student athletes on potential signs and the importance of communicating with parents/coach’s if they are experiencing those signs.

Our final piece to continue along with our parent education is signing off on the “Concussion Information Sheet” below. Please review the concussion information piece and acknowledge you have reviewed the pieces by clicking the “Acknowledgement” link in the email we have sent you.

If you have trouble with the email or did not receive it, you can also print the document below, sign it and hand it in to your coach.

Thank you again and here is to a great year!

Protecting our Children

Volunteer requirements for Coaches