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Goal of Raider Runners 2020: We will look a little different this year but our goal remains the same: to develop competence, confidence, connection, character, caring and contribution in young boys and girls through lessons that incorporate running and other physical activities. .

The CDC offered the following considerations for players, coaches and families to stay safe. Here is what Raider Runners will do to promote behaviors that reduce the spread and maintain a healthy environment

Runners must stay home if you do not feel well. If a runner has a temperature or is not feeling well OR ANY MEMBER of the household is not feeling well then the runner cannot participate.


  • Masks – Coaches and athletes will wear a mask as much as possible. They must wear a mask to and from practice and until they get to their running pod.
  • Coaches will have hand sanitizers and use them on the runners when they arrive. Athletes will not spit, and cough or sneeze into their arms away from others.
  • Athletes will bring their own yoga mat and water bottle to every practice. NO OTHER EQUIPMENT ALLOWED.

Social Distance

  • Only runners will be allowed in the parking lot during Raider Runners, no parents, no siblings.
  • We will Identify Small Groups and Keeping them Together (Cohorting). We will place the runners in a running pod of 10. Their pod will be based on a fitness test and they will only be with runners from their grade.
  • Yoga mat will also serve as a social distancing marker.
  • Staggered Scheduling
    • Once teams are in place, we will stagger arrival and drop-off times and locations by pod. We will also stagger the practice, some will start with conditioning, some will start with a run, some will start with the game. Each pod will do their own warm-up and cool down.
    • We will have a girls team and a boys team. If the size of a team is larger than 30 we will have an older team and a younger team as well.
  • Runners with any health issues should speak with a doctor first and please contact Alexandra Molloy with all important information.
  • We will not compete against other schools or leave our local community.


Season from September – November (ideally 10 weeks ) Cost: $30

Practice will start at 3:30 and take place Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. There will be a minimum 2 practices a week with the option of a third “long run” practice for each runner. Hopefully this season, we will have the following events:

  • Track meet
  • 5k run
  • Yoga Class outside
  • Karate class outside
  • Fun night run
  • Obstacle course
  • Inspirational Speakers

We can’t wait to work with all the runners and continue to watch them develop and grow into strong young men and woman.

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